Shows and Recitals

A sample of the best in Brazilian music can be found in the repertoire of the experienced saxophonist Leo Gandelman and the youth and vitality of Eduardo Farias at the piano.

On the Show original songs that marked the trajectory of Leo Gandelman, as well as classics by great Brazilian composers.

Despite achieving great success playing Brazilian pop music, Leo Gandelman never abandoned his classical roots.


The first project in the Machine series, Hip Hop Machine brings together two commercially distinct genres, but with many artistic similarities: Jazz and Rap.

Featuring the biggest names on the rise in the National rap, alongside Leo Gandelman, undisputed Brazilian reference in Jazz, the first season of the project was released in 2019 on digital platforms and on TV.

Vamos Tocar is a series in honor of Brazilian music. Leo Gandelman receives big names from mpb for a jam session (in the studio) and an intimate chat.