A DVD that brings together some of the greatest interpreters of MPB, with a repertoire only of classics of our music, with arrangements that value the musicians who interpret it under the sign of a genre that speaks straight to the heart: the ballad. It looks like a lot, and it is. You Know: Leo Gandelman and Guests is a musical and visual essay that marks an epoch in contemporary production. Luiz Melodia, Ney Matogrosso, Chico Buarque, Leila Pinheiro. Caetano Veloso, Lirinha, Milton Nascimento, Leny Andrade and the great crybaby Joel Nascimento, alongside Leo Gandelman, are the big stars of this DVD that bets on good taste to win over the public.

“In 2006, when I finished my project with a work by Radamés Gnatalli, I already had this idea of ​​making a work focused on samba-canção, for our ballad. For a musician, the ballad is a very special moment, it’s when he can better express ideas and thoughts with depth. For the public too, who can relax and reflect with time”, says Leo, who did the Artistic Direction and shared the musical production and arrangements with David Feldman.

All recorded in Leo’s own studio, “Sabe Você” has a repertoire full of treasures, and each performer intensely valued his choice. Leo, at the head of his group, opens a trail with “Chuva” (Durval Ferreira and Pedro Caetano). Then it’s Luiz Melodia’s turn to shine in “Aos Pés da Cruz” (Marino Pinto and Zé da Zilda). Perfectionist Ney Matogrosso embroider an impeccable “Pra Machucar Meu Coração” (Ary Barroso).

Joel Nascimento brings his precious instrument to the waltz “Sensível” (Pixinguinha), and Chico Buarque explores new melodic possibilities in his own “Futuros Amantes”. “My music has been interpreted in many ways”, says Chico, “and Leo gave it a new look”.

The cinematographer, by Lula Carvalho, opted for black and white to accentuate the cool, introspective atmosphere, in addition to exploring beautiful night images of Rio de Janeiro, such as the one that opens the DVD: a wonderful view of a plane taking off from Santos Airport Dumont. Testimonials from the artists, details of the meetings, unusual images in the studio, all of this almost imperceptibly sews this exceptional work. Produced in partnership by Leo and Urca Filmes, Sabe Você, the DVD is directed by Felipe Nepomuceno and Renato Martins.

“Coração Vagabundo” (Caetano Veloso), gains new colors in Leila Pinheiro’s interpretation, while Caetano himself reinvents “Chove Lá Fora”, one of Tito Madi’s masterpieces. “I worked on many of these artists’ albums and shows”, Leo recalls, “and their presence in “Sabe Você” is a recognition of a musician who has been with them on stages and studios for over 30 years.”

Lirinha, singer of the group Cordel do Fogo Encantado, makes an expressive participation on the DVD in “Só Por Amor” (Baden Powell), with a sonnet by Vinicius de Moraes. In contrast, the impressive presence of Milton Nascimento, who chose “Por Causa de Você” (Tom Jobim and Dolores Duran) and defined with perfection what a ballad is: “It’s our heart out.”

Leny Andrade had the honor of interpreting the title track “Sabe Você” (Carlos Lyra), with a very jazzy accent. Leo evokes Radamés Gnatalli – “Bitterness” – to end the beautiful repertoire. David Feldman (piano), Lula Galvão (guitar and guitar), André Vasconcellos (bass), Allen Pontes (drums) and Sidinho Moreira (percussion) form the group that followed Leo Gandelman (soprano, alto and tenor sax) on this journey through the universe. most sensitive of our music. Upon realizing the final result of the work, Leo has only one expression to register his happiness: “Receiving the affection and friendship of all the guests and participants was the greatest emotion for me when carrying out this work. to dream!”.

It is good to remember that You Know is the work commemorating the 21 years of Leo Gandelman’s solo career, who has sold more than 500,000 records and participated in recordings recorded on more than 800 CDs by the most diverse artists, genres and styles.

“Sabe Você” is also available on CD, with the same repertoire, with another order and selection of tracks.

Repertoire: Aos Pés da Cruz (Luiz Melodia), Sensitive (Joel Nascimento), Pra Machucar Meu Coração (Ney Matogrosso), Future Lovers (Chico Buarque), Chove Lá Fora (Caetano Veloso), Coração Vagabundo (Leila Pinheiro), Por Cause of You (Milton Nascimento), Bitterness (instrumental), Do You Know? (Leny Andrade), Só por Amor (Lirinha), Chuva – instrumental.