His new work, already in its second edition in Europe, where it was released by the Far Out Recordings label in April 2012,  the saxophonist presents in Rio de Janeiro, for the first time, the unpublished compositions he created with his longtime partner – the pianist and arranger David Feldman – for VIP VOP. At his side, on the stage of the Municipal Theater of Niterói, on the 1st of September at 9 pm, the musicians Serginho Trombone (Trombone), Eduardo Farias (Piano), Renato Massa (Drums) and Alberto Continentino (Bass) – playing, among other songs, Sinal Vermelho, Nêgo Tá Sabendo, Vip Vop, Luz Azul, Numa Boa e Reza (Edu Lobo and Ruy Guerra).

“When I think of Brazilian saxophone, I think of Leo Gandelman. Throughout his career, this friend, musician, arranger, composer and producer has positioned his dish in the direction of countless aspects and elements of jazz, but he has never given up our cultural roots and artists, building note by note, scale by scale, disc by disc, a native vocabulary for his instrument and his music.

The Vip Vop project comes at a very opportune moment. Bossa nova and samba jazz, fundamental genres in Leo’s formation, enjoy a more favorable moment than years ago, when, to our surprise, they were abandoned. The research of the bossanovista songbook and the relaunch of albums from the record companies’ collections are essential actions, and constitute a fundamental arm in the preservation of the identity-memory of Brazilian music. But we have to do more, much more! Bossa nova and samba jazz need to be recorded, giving rise to new records and shows, where new compositions will gain body, space and audience. Bossa nova and samba jazz need to be played live out there, on the stages of life. They need respect and, above all, care. And that’s when Vip Vop gains importance. The work of Leo Gandelman and his group takes up the guidelines of the work of our great masters who, in the late 1950s and early 1960s, decisively contributed to our music from being just regional to becoming universal. This is why, when we listen and watch Vip Vop, we also listen and watch the art of Tom Jobim, João Gilberto, Moacir Santos, Luiz Eça, Roberto Menescal, J.T. Meirelles, Victor Assis Brasil, Edison Machado, Milton Banana, Johny Alf, João Donato, Paulo Moura and many others. Without them we wouldn’t be here, would we? Vip Vop is about this: celebrating the best of Brazilian music.

Onward, Leo! Charles Gavin

“In the late 50’s, until the mid 60’s, Rio produced the best popular music in the world. Leo Gandelman now brings his personal vision of this culture that should never have been lost – and that only continued to exist in the disco [and in memory] ] of those who knew how to value it.” Ruy Castro.

One of the most celebrated instrumentalists in Brazil, saxophonist Leo Gandelman has reached a level that is entirely unique in Brazil – and rare even around the world: he is adored by the general public, young and pop, and also by MPB fans; in the same way, he associated his name with the excellence and virtuosity of concert music, in performances as a soloist in renowned orchestras and in chamber recitals.

In fact, Leo Gandelman crosses the boundaries between classical and popular aboard the quality of his saxophone, giving an advanced degree of pop appeal and emotion to concert pieces and, on the other hand, exercising talent in interpretation, purity and precision. of sound in popular and instrumental music. He has developed a remarkable career in Brazil and abroad, with six full house seasons at the Blue Note in New York, as well as tours of Europe and Russia.

No repertório: Sinal Vermelho, Nêgo tá sabendo, Vip Vop, Luz Azul, Lançamento, Numa Boa, Neshama (Para o meu Pai), Camisa 7, Reza, Alma Cubana.